5 Day Partnership deal

5 Day Partnership deal

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Dearest Anna (? & Shawn),

Thank you in advance for considering partnering with me and It's My Bag/It's My B, inc. This is a sample of the 5 day sale/partnership offer I had made up. For you I am offering (with NO $$ down & NO financial commitment) this:

5%- in exchange for SOCIAL Media Director/ Assistance with webstore.

      including twitter/FB some instagram and pinterest

linking to my shopify store.

I have someone that will oversee to the webstore content and work hand in hand with the cross-over of the different medias.

Out reach to influencers thru social media.

We will set up an Affiliate component ; thereby ANYTHING sold retail thru you will get 20% retail and 10% whole sale of onsite inventory. Future inventory will be discussed...

I have an AMAZON store right now that has inventory to be sold. We can start immediately. Once the team is set-up/ I will legally sign you both on (within the month of May 2019).

Together we will make this happen!!

You have 5 days to respond.


Thank you